About Hall and Roberts

With Cheshire Oak bacon it's easy for retailers to capitalise on the consumer demand for traditional taste & quality.

Sourced from only the very best pork suppliers and cured using only time honoured ingredients. Cheshire Oak is a premium quality, low - brine content bacon, with no added proteins for maximum bacon taste. In short it's what today's customers are asking for. The Cheshire Oak brand is fully supported with a wide range of "point of sale" materials and sales area exclusivity is given to approved wholesale and retailers.

Since 1998 production at Hall & Roberts has soared from zero to over 180 tons per week, making Cheshire Oak the fastest growing bacon brand in the UK today. This phenomenal growth has only been possible due to continuous investment into state of the art production facilities and strict quality control procedures combined with traditional values of taste and succulence.

Cheshire Oak is available as bone in gammons, converter gammons, horseshoes, corners and slipper joints, rindless back and converter middles. So that whatever the nature of your bacon supply requirements, make sure that you talk to Hall & Roberts first - and give your customers a taste of tradition from Cheshire.

Cheshire Oak is cured "in the bag" after which the residual curing agent is removed, before boning and final shrink wrapping. This results in a dry finished product with the maximum weight of bacon and the minimum weight of water.

AS a BMPA member, the Hall & Roberts Cheshire Oak brand bacon delivers traditional taste & value, coupled with the reassurance that goes hand in hand with computer controlled refrigeration and the latest production and curing techniques.

Alongside our Cheshire Oak Division Hall & Roberts wholesale business offers all nationalities of bacon products and provisions to the retail trade. Whether taking orders or simply answering queries, you'll find Hall & Roberts service fast, friendly & efficient and most importantly, knowledgeable in the butchery and grocery trades.

Why not give us a call and find out for yourself just how profitable Cheshire Oak will be for you.